sapGoogle Analytics from Alphabet (NASD: GOOG) made a name for itself drawing pictures which helped companies make actionable decisions based on their internet advertising data. In just a few years, Google Analytics became synonymous with data analysis. Today, the chart types in Google Analytics represent the “gold standard” in data visualization. At Agylytyx, our core competency is not drawing pictures, its knowing what data visualizations to order up, when, and in which order. Agylytyx found that, when it comes to fulfilling the request in milliseconds, Google Analytics was the only logical choice.


sapThe Entity Framework (EF) from Microsoft (NASD: MSFT) originally developed by Microsoft, is now part of an open source codebase. EF supports the development of data-oriented software applications. EF makes it easier to access underlying data more easily, allowing developers to focus on business logic and domain specific objects and properties. Agylytyx used this technology to develop the formula expression parser it in its Generator™ applications.

sapAzure Services from Microsoft (NASD: MSFT) provides an environment where customer can do straightforward hosting or take advantage of development tools and services. Agylytyx migrated to Azure in 2016 and has not looked back, realizing development leverage and cost reduction. Agylytyx clients enjoy enhanced security. Agylytyx hosts exclusively on the Azure cloud environment.

sapAs market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable more than 248,500 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. SAP HANA combines database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory. The platform provides libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial, and business analytics. Agylytyx is part of the SAP Startup Focus program, which supports startups in developing new applications on SAP HANA.



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